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Dr. Jared Williams, District 6 Councilman- Next week will be 90 days in office. For strong neighborhoods, 3 priorities: strengthen economy, neighbors' safety, and a council that is fair, just and responsive. Dr. Williams discussed the egret situation. One neighbor has 250 egrets in one tree! Streets are being swept 2-3 times per week, non-profits are being utilized. Work being done includes educating the community, using deterrents like loud noises, and looking to open space conservation for suitable habitats. He discussed traffic control, including speed traps, speed studies traffic lights not working, and schools with no school zones. It is budget season. The last opportunity for people to speak about the budget, will be at a public hearing on September 14. An economic reinvestment zone is being established along the Altamesa/ Wedgwood corridor. Land is limited, looking for development projects that will create jobs. Dr. Williams currently represents 108,000 constituents in District 6. Districts are growing and that means redistricting to allow for more districts. Communities of interest can register together to request that the city keep them in the same district together. A map can be submitted- WENA is pursuing this with other Wedgwood NAs. There will be a bond election in May. We discussed park upgrades and lighting as big areas of focus. Our streetlights are frequently out, or just don't light the street well (sometimes due to trees covering them), and we have some long blocks that are very dark with no light at all (not out, just non-existent). Dr. Williams' office is working with us on prioritizing which areas are the biggest safety concerns so they can be addressed first. Please turn on lights outside your home at night. Lighting is currently being addressed along Altamesa. Report anything you can on the MyFW App or send concerns to District6@fortworthtexas.gov - it puts the city on a timeline to respond. A neighbor asked about having Texas Parks and Wildlife stock the pond at Krauss Baker Park, as they do in Greenbriar. A neighbor asked about bike lanes on Hemphill. Elizabeth Beck (District9@fortworthtexas.gov) and Chris Nettles (District8@fortworthtexas.gov) are the council reps that cover Hemphill. The next District 6 Town Hall will be in November and will cover Transportation and Public Works as well as Water Department Concerns. Watch for more information about that as it gets closer. The September Town Hall covered redistricting, bonds, and budget. The recording from that meeting can be found here.  Dr. Williams would like to be contacted with ideas, issues and interests.

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