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Celena Fannin and Amanda Suttles told us about the Halloween event some Wedgwood moms plan. The event is planned for Sunday, October 31. Signatures are currently being solicited to close Walton from Woodway to Colusa at that time, so the kids can trick or treat safely without worrying about cars driving through. Colusa and Woodway will be open, drivers just won't be able to turn onto Walton from either, on Halloween. If you or someone you know lives in the 3500-3800 blocks of Walton, agreement to close the streets can be texted to Rachel Southard at 682-551-5232. Also text Rachel if you're willing to solicit signatures from neighbors on Walton. WENA will supply $1,000 for police security for the event. Candy donations will be accepted through an Amazon account. Watch Facebook WENA page for updates.
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