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Jan 14, 2021

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Community Reports

Kyle from the Southwest Community Center gave a brief summary of activities and classes they offer.
Their programs can be found on their website click here

We would also like input about having meetings at the community center in the future. We had a completely separate space for the kids, with supervision, so parents could attend.

Jungus Jordan spoke about the City Council investigation of the Water Dept bills and requested that those with new meters and high bills contact Tara Holt in his office. The Council is beginning an independent audit of the water bill rates and new meter program. He will update us on their work. The Water Dept is scheduled to make a presentation to City Council during their work session at 3pm on Tuesday, January 26. There will not be an opportunity for the public to speak or ask questions at this time but we will try to post a link so the meeting and presentation can be viewed. If you have questions you’d like to suggest Jungus ask at this meeting, email his office atDistrict 6 Email 

Debby Jennings (in the absence of Commissioner Brooks) gave information on the Tarrant County Public Health Covid Vaccine program. Will share this detailed info in a separate post. Tarrant County Covid-19 hotline: 817-248-6299, prompt #7, to register for the vaccine by phone. 

Neighborhood Police Officer Daniel Adoboe addressed crime in the area and responded to questions about traffic on Woodway, shooting on Welch  and reports of gunshots that frequently appear on social media sites.
FWPD has a traffic division that School Resource Officers and principals can request to address traffic issues near schools. Probably doesn't hurt for parents to make these requests also. Traffic Division can be reached at 817-392-4850 or through this contact form (be sure to select Traffic Division at the top) contact form
A suspect has been identified in the Dec. 30 shooting on Welch. Please note this is a different police beat than Wedgwood East and has a different NPO than we do. 
Just before 4pm last Sunday, the bank inside Kroger (on Altamesa) was robbed. A suspect is in custody. 
The vast majority of the time, officers responding to reports of "shots fired" don't find anything. No offense reported. 

Follow the FLOW- For the Love of Wedgwood group on Facebook click here to be involved in upcoming Wedgwood-wide discussions about engaging youth in our area, as well as overall ways we can improve public safety in our neighborhood. 

Tracy Edwards from FW Community Engagement office spoke about the Myfortworth app and ways to communicate about potholes, trash, high grass and lights out. He gave the number 817-392-1234 that can be used to report any of these issues. You can also email city customer serviceEmail City 
In spring of this year, Fort Worth will host the Neighborhoods USA conference, virtually. More information will be shared as the details are finalized. 

Treasurer, Michael Sloan-Hemby reported on each activity during the Christmas season (Vega Place Angel Tree, stockings for kids, ornament exchange, rock painting, photos in the park, refreshments during Holiday Lights viewing, Holiday Lights contest and 12 Days of Christmas ornament scavenger hunt and their winners). Of $1,000 approved by members to spend, $463.83 was spent on these activities. He also went over each item on the proposed budget and membership voted to approve it as presented. All attendees had copies of the proposed budget and it is posted on the members only portion of this website.

Debby Jennings announced that Wedgwood Garden Club will sponsor a Wedgwood Garden tour on May 16 from 2pm to 5pm and is soliciting additional homes. Contact Debby Jennings or Nicole Gilbert for more information.

Membership Drive
Caren Wilkerson announced that the Board has set a goal of 200 members by the end of the year. There was some discussion about making membership appealing, without being off-putting by excluding non-members from certain events like a membership drive. We discussed ways to promote membership including an event with a food truck, flyers, better explanation of the membership benefits on the FB page. Ideas from membership were solicited. Ideas were shared including a mass mailing to reach neighbors, others said that a regular membership plea needs to be featured more prominently on the FB page, another member said that it needs to be clear that joining the FB page is not the same as joining WENA. Anyone with ideas was asked to contact any Board member. A neighbor suggested that WildApricot who hosts our website, offers many features that we aren’t utilizing to their full capacity so we will look into that more. Another suggestion was selecting street or block captains to relay concerns to the board. Another neighbor suggested making an effort to reach people who don't use the internet at all, including not using email. Another neighbor suggested having a volunteer or volunteers to help make sure information gets posted on Nextdoor because many neighbors don't use other social media sites.

Future plans & Lighting in WENA and public safety

Our Board wants to hear from membership on priorities for future projects including sidewalks, lighting in parks, park improvement and equipment updates (and any other improvements our members would like to support). We also need suggestions for future events, especially Easter activities. Also asked for feedback on SWCC as a meeting site.

The Board wants to assess the lighting situation in WENA as it pertains to public safety. If you’re willing and able to make note of lights that are out, covered by branches, or places that are too dark at night because there isn't a light at all, please contact us so we can work out logistics with everyone willing to work on this project. A new street light was installed on Walton near Little People Park and there is bond funding in 2022 that would address more lighting within the park. We discussed helping purchase/ install lights for neighbors who want them at their homes but aren’t physically or financially able to handle that on their own. Tracy Edwards from Community Engagement mentioned a speaker who can assess our neighborhood for public safety issues. I have reached out to him and will share responses.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS WITH US. You can email any of us with suggestions for these topics, or to let us know if you're willing to volunteer to help with any of these things.

Email Tabitha Williams, president Email Caren Wilkerson, vice president
Email Michael Sloan-Hemby, treasurer Email Debby Jennings, recording secretary
Email Angela Burton, corresponding secretary

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