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City Council Member Jungus Jordan updated us on the city's efforts to prevent egrets from nesting. Once egrets nest, they are protected, so neighbors and the city are working together with air cannons and potato guns and airhorns to try to prevent them from nesting.  The problem seems to have started off mostly south and west of us. But it seems like each week, the flocks are moving a little farther north and east in our neighborhood. Friday, May 14 they were spotted in the 3600 block of Wosley. Jungus says we are mostly past the egg laying and nesting period, but we aren't quite out of the woods yet. Be vigilant and make sure you download the MyFW app so you can report these birds when you see them. Street racing ordinances are being enforced and were recently rewritten. The water meter audit has been completed and 5 -6% of the meters were not reading correctly and are being recalibrated. Questions to Jordan concerned Woodway construction timetable and a light at Vega and Altamesa that is not set correctly.
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