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May 13, 2021

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City Council Member Jungus Jordan updated us on the city's efforts to prevent egrets from nesting. Once egrets nest, they are protected, so neighbors and the city are working together with air cannons and potato guns and airhorns to try to prevent them from nesting.  The problem seems to have started off mostly south and west of us. But it seems like each week, the flocks are moving a little farther north and east in our neighborhood. Friday, May 14 they were spotted in the 3600 block of Wosley. Jungus says we are mostly past the egg laying and nesting period, but we aren't quite out of the woods yet. Be vigilant and make sure you download the MyFW app so you can report these birds when you see them. Street racing ordinances are being enforced and were recently rewritten. The water meter audit has been completed and 5 -6% of the meters were not reading correctly and are being recalibrated. Questions to Jordan concerned Woodway construction timetable and a light at Vega and Altamesa that is not set correctly.

Officer Daniel Adoboe says crime has been relatively quiet in our neighborhood. He shared that he will be promoting from NPO to Detective and next Friday, May 21, will be his last day. He introduced us to Officer Willie Nash, who has been riding along with him for a few weeks now and will be taking over our beat upon Daniel's departure. While we are sad to have the six years Daniel served us come to and end, we are very excited for him and his new role!

Due to weather, Garden Tour has been rescheduled to Sunday, May 23. The tour will be self guided and can be started at 3813 Wedgway Drive. There will be a list with the 6 homes included on the tour, and which ones will be hosting talks about cut flower gardens, permaculture gardens, and raised vegetable beds, as well as the times for those talks. 

There is a runoff election June 5. Wedgwood East will vote again for mayor and for city council District 6 representative. Early voting will begin May 24. For more information, click here

Nicole Gilbert updated us on making our area more supportive of kids of all ages. She has posted a survey for kids to answer, about how they feel about our neighborhood. Most common responses included fears of speeding cars, desire for updated park equipment, sidewalks, and activities for teenagers. Lack of knowing neighbors is a problem and trying to get people out into their front yards in an effort to get to know each other is one goal. Nicole has approached the SW Community Center staff for ideas and help.

Michael Sloan-Hemby introduced the idea of switching our website from WildApricot. A neighbor, Brandy, offered to set up a new site for us and teach the board how to maintain it. This route will be much cheaper than WildApricot, whose price will go up again next year. We are in a contract with WildApricot until the summer of 2022 but we will provide more information about this upcoming change, as we have it. We will have a new board at that time, but the current board will need to start the process of making sure our members are in agreement, and start getting the new site set up beforehand, so it will be ready to go when the WildApricot contract ends. We will post updates as they come. 

We have several forms on this website, under the heading FORMS, where neighbors can provide input about various topics. You're also welcome to email any of us, or message any of us through Facebook messenger. 

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