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November 11, 2021

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Joel Jones from Code Compliance- Code Rangers has a class this Saturday, November 13. The next one will be in January.  Click here for more information

Daniel from Southwest Community Center- Community center is starting a boy scout group. They started a new art class last month. Free Throws for Turkeys will be on Thursday, November 18.  Try to shoot free throws to win a turkey or other prize. More info on that is here. The community center offers many programs and activities, even like Tai Chi for seniors. Check out all their offerings here or check them out on Facebook here.

Tracy Edwards from Community Engagement- Flyers are available for MyFW App, oneaddress, Preparing for a Freeze, and dealing with Migratory Birds (egrets). Info about the MyFW App can be found here. You can report numerous problems, from a street light out to flooding, traffic signals not working properly etc. It can populate the address where you are so you dont have to try to figure it out. It also lets you easily check the status of anything you report. Oneaddress can be found here. FAQs are at the bottom. This site offers location-specific data. Put in your address and you can see the closest library, fire station, park, etc, Councilmember, Neighborhood Police Officer as well as code violations, permits, crime data. There's tons more, too. The city's article on preparing for a freeze can be found here. Some information about migratory birds can be found here. Neighborhood Awards are coming up. The deadline to apply is December 16. There are in depth descriptions and examples of past winners to help guide you to what the city is looking for, which can be found here. But mostly, if you know of something the neighborhood did or someone did that you think is great and worthy of recognition, reach out to one of us or email Tracy at tracy.edwards@fortworthtexas.gov for assistance in figuring out what award it might fit. There are group awards as well as individual awards. 

Tara Perez from Directions Home: Homelessness and Housing- trends in homelessness, intervention, need for housing and what citizen can do to help were discussed. The Point in Time Count will take place in Jan 2022 and volunteers will work alongside FWPD to count. Contact Tara Perez if you would like to help or let a board member know if you'd like to start a group to count in our area. Report people experiencing homelessness or those camping in public places to Tara.Perez@fortworthtexas.gov . Printed copies of her presentation as well as information on services that help people experiencing homelessness are available from tabawilliams@hotmail.com. Other resources can be found here. The presentation can also be found here. Check it out. It has tons of great information: trends in homelessness, misconceptions, resources for people experiencing homelessness, ways people help that aren't helpful, and ways you can actually help. Tara is also happy to answer questions so feel free to email her. We also have an outreach worker in Wedgwood. Since she's a neighbor, she may be a preferable contact. She can be reached at rachel@ahomewithhope.org

Scott Force from Garden Club- Garden Club has replaced flowers in the library bed. They plan to offer potpourri making, poinsettia care and bow tying workshops at the Winter Wonderland. He thanked Wedgwood Historical Association for their donation to Garden Club. Garden Club is sponsoring a photo contest. Post photos of gardens, plants or yards in Wedgwood, to Facebook using the hashtag #fallingforwedgwoodgardens. There are prizes for winning photos. Deadline is Nov. 17, winners announced Nov. 20. More info on Garden Club's Facebook page here.

Debby Jennings from Park Committee- called for volunteers to serve on a park improvement committee for Krauss Baker and Little People parks. A group from Garden Club met with District 6 Councilmember, Dr. Jared Williams, his District Director, Kendyll Locke and city officials to discuss, lighting, pond maintenance, erosion of the earth by the dam and pavilion space. Input from the community is needed. Community Engagement Office will assist with surveys etc to collect ideas. Contact Debby Jennings if you'd like to be involved with this committee.

Caren Wilkerson- Traffic-less Trick or Treating was a great success. WENA paid $880 for police officers for traffic control and barricade supervision. This went extremely well but there were more barricades than officers so would like to consider budgeting enough for extra officers in 2022. More candy will be needed next year as we ran out before the event ended. Thanks offered to Rachel Southard for her hard work leading this event. The current WENA board serves until March 2022. A nominating committee will be announced at the January meeting and a new board will be elected at the March meeting. Contact Caren Wilkerson is you would like to serve on the nominating committee or be placed in nomination for a board position. The budget will be proposed and voted on in January. If you have input you'd like considered, please reach out to Michael Sloan Hemby. Make sure to attend the January and March meetings if you want to participate in these processes or vote on them.

Tabitha Williams- Ornament scavenger hunt and holiday decorating contest will be held. Details coming soon, watch this page and the neighborhood Facebook group. If you're a member, watch your email also. Winter Wonderland will be Dec. 11 from 2-4pm at the Southwest Community Center. Details coming soon. There will be activities for all ages. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Please keep an eye out for information on signing up to volunteer. 

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