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Tracy Edwards from Community Engagement- Flyers are available for MyFW App, oneaddress, Preparing for a Freeze, and dealing with Migratory Birds (egrets). Info about the MyFW App can be found here. You can report numerous problems, from a street light out to flooding, traffic signals not working properly etc. It can populate the address where you are so you dont have to try to figure it out. It also lets you easily check the status of anything you report. Oneaddress can be found here. FAQs are at the bottom. This site offers location-specific data. Put in your address and you can see the closest library, fire station, park, etc, Councilmember, Neighborhood Police Officer as well as code violations, permits, crime data. There's tons more, too. The city's article on preparing for a freeze can be found here. Some information about migratory birds can be found here. Neighborhood Awards are coming up. The deadline to apply is December 16. There are in depth descriptions and examples of past winners to help guide you to what the city is looking for, which can be found here. But mostly, if you know of something the neighborhood did or someone did that you think is great and worthy of recognition, reach out to one of us or email Tracy at tracy.edwards@fortworthtexas.gov for assistance in figuring out what award it might fit. There are group awards as well as individual awards. 

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