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Getting to know officer Adoboe


Officer Daniel Adoboe is Wedgwood East's NPO (Neighborhood Police Officer). He has been a police officer for more that 10 years and serves as the  NPO for WENA, South Hills South and Westcreek. 

Officer Adoboe is working on a program called PAL (Police Athletics League). He is looking to partner with the Boxing studio on Altamesa in the Chicken Express parking lot. This is a program to help give kids something to do after school, weekends and the summer. Did you know that some of the car burglaries are happening from kids that live in the neighborhood? The juveniles have been arrested but will soon be out again. This program is targeted towards kids just like this to keep them busy. There are ways we as a community can help this program. We can donate time, money for equipment, and food to help feed the kids and staff while they are at the boxing studio.

Thank you Officer Adoboe for your partnership with our neighborhood and your service!

Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO)

Daniel Adoboe-South Division



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